Direct coding for maximum cost-saving

APLINK LCX SERIES is a new generation High Resolution Inkjet System, specifically designed and developed to code on porous, secondary cases.


Equipped with 4th generation piezoelectric print head, APLINK LCX SERIES is the perfect solution for any production line up to 50m/min speed.


The system can be configured and installed to print on the top and side of the cases.


The new member of UBS High Resolution Inkjet family APLINK LCX SERIES is empowered with a 5.7" full color touch-screen display and a user-friendly interface, giving real-time printer status information.


With 180 dpi vertical resolution and a horizontal resolution capacity up to 360 dpi, it can print any kind of logo, text, barcode, dates, counters, etc. APLINK LCX SERIES functions with an ecological, 100% mineral-oil free ink which dries instantly contacting any porous surface. It does not contain any kind of solvent or alcohol-based components.


Production process interruptions are avoided by changing the ink bottle at nonstop mode.


APLINK LCX SERIES allows an easy integration with an external database, transmitting data obtained from your ERP system directly to the printer.


Thanks to the easy and effective connection, you can create thousands of messages with just a click.


The great union of APLINK LCX SERIES with UBS oil-based ink guarantees you the smoothest operation with the lowest maintenance.

100% mineral oil free ink

4th generation piezo electric print head

Modular design with variable height and depth

Low periodical maintenance

5.7” full color touch screen with graphic interface

Printing speed up to 50 m/min (164 ft/min)

Resolution up to 185 x 360 dpi

Printing height 17 mm (0.67”) up to 72 mm (2.83”)

Printing on any porous surface