Laser Marking

The TELESIS EVC marker is an extremely cost effective DPSS laser based on a proven advanced Q-Switched, fiber-coupled diode end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser platform for applications requiring high beam quality and stability. Its exceptional power stability at all power levels makes the EVC an ideal choice for engraving, annealed marking, or high speed marking on delicate and heat sensitive electronic components, thin foils and medical instruments.

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Laser marking

High Speed Continous-InkJET Marking

Possible application fields include the application of dates, logos, barcodes lot numbers, longer texts and graphics in clean standard characters which must be applied precisely.

To fulfill different requirements our portfolio includes high performance systems for complex or special applications as well as simplified systems for standard applications. 

The components are configured in such a way that the user gets the best solution for his application.

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