Up to 900 meters/min.

The TELESIS F-Series is a family of maintenance free Q-switched ytterbium fiber lasers specifically designed for marking applications with average power levels from 10-100W. These lasers deliver a high power laser beam directly to the marking head via a flexible metal sheathed fiber optic cable. The fiber based optical design and rugged mechanical design allows these markers to operate in an industrial environment where shock, vibration and dust are a concern. The F-Series fiber markers unique design allows the overall package to be very small and modular for ease of integration into a variety of industrial applications. The F-Series Laser Marking Systems offers a best in class 100,000 hour MTBF diode reliability with no water cooling requirements, and only single phase 110/220VAC power requirements.


F-Series fiber laser markers are ideal for industrial situations, typically marking a range of metals or plastics, where a robust compact marking system is desired. The durable design is perfect for integration into a high-volume production line, and a dual-scanning head version can further boost production throughput.

F2H Dual Head Pulsed Fiber Laser 

The innovative, F2H PATENTED dual head pulsed fiber laser system is perfectly suited for advanced applications that require rapid processing over a wide range of materials. The dual head design of this laser offers the user the unique ability to control two fiber lasers with the same controller.


The FQD100 dual beam, pulsed fiber laser system. This system is suited to applications that require rapid processing over a wide range of materials. The dual beam deflection system enables increased throughput over single head laser systems.