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Continuous-inkjet systems

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) coding is ideal when speed and legibility of characters are important for applying variable dates directly at the production line. 

In addition to precise printing results, alphaJET systems offer you a very high degree of reliability in everyday production. To meet your individual coding  requirements, the Koenig & Bauer Coding portfolio offers you suitable models for all applications.

Coding stands for trust

Coding is a key part of everyday business. It affects every area of our lives, and every industry. The more diverse, colourful, and comfortable our everyday lives become, the more variety there is among the products our customers and partners will print with our systems, now and in the future. 

Today, good coding is evidence of quality for product safety and consumers. We are aware of this and take on this responsibility every day. After all, coding stands for trust.

HS stands for high speed - alphaJET 5 HS for flexibility and excellent print quality even at high performance speed.

HS-M extends the advantages of the alphaJET 5 with an even greater variety of inks, including special inks.

SP stands for Small Print - alphaJET 5 SP for flexibility and the best print quality of the smallest markings.

The new Continuous Inkjet alphaJET5 X features a completely new operational concept and trendsetting design.

Continuous-inkjet systems

Food and sweets

Plastic packaging, tinplate, cardboard or firm


PET, composite packaging, 

cans, paper,  foil or bags

Glass and plastic



Cables, pipes, wires and hoses


Semiconductors, sensors, terminals, connectors, printed circuit boards

Plastic, metal and porous surfaces


Versatile, irrespective of industry

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