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Various markets and customers require even higher flexibility in terms of coding and marking.

The hpdSYSTEM TR impresses in this area with its rotating printing wheel that can print up to 8 symbols per printing unit. This increases your flexibility and reduces the need for larger numbers of marking devices. In combination with the recently developed premium foil, excellent print quality can be achieved on the tire sidewalls, which adheres very consistently to the tire.

In addition to the familiar marking symbols, logos and letters (e.g. P, PP, N, NN) can also be applied perfectly to the tires.

5 good reasons to choose hpdSYSTEM

  • Low consumption combined with low prices means you save money.

  • Excellent uptime of over 99 % provides true production reliability.

  • Easy integration and high-speed printing increase your productivity.

  • A variety of colour foils lets you react flexibly to customer requests and increases customer loyalty.

  • A competent global sales and service team supports you at any times.

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