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udaFORMAXX "i"

Compact, stand alone system which integrates with all the KBA-Metronic coding devices, for the offline coding.

Possible application fields include the application of variable dates, best-before-date, consecutive numbering, price and content information, Barcodes, logos, addressing, personalization and small-scale printing jobs.

Industry recommendations:
Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, Food, Clothing, Consumer products, Automotive, Electronics, Service contractors, Printers

5 good reasons to choose udaFORMAXX

  • Minimal service requirements optimise

  • Excellent availability of over 99 % provides true production reliability.

  • Diversity of materials and shapes for maximum flexibility.

  • Numerous equipment options make the system easy to adapt to future changes.

  • A competent global sales and service team supports you at any time.

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