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E-Series diode-pumped YAG and vanadate laser markers offer improved beam quality, increased depth of focus, and higher peak powers compared to fiber lasers­—for fine marking, heat-sensitive materials (metal, foils, silicon, plastics, etc.) and applications where high consistency is required.

Low-cost engraving and annealing for a wide array of product materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metal, label materials, and silicon

Precise setting controls for fine-tuned application versatility: engraving, annealing, surface marking, and color marking

Very small HAZ (heat-affected zone) provides additional flexibility with heat-sensitive and delicate components

Versatile Marking on a Range of Materials



EVCDS Laser Marking System

EV15DS Laser Marking System

EV40 Laser Marking System

Technology options

Vari-Z™ 3-Axis 

Mark-on-the-Fly Technology

Programmable Mounting Post

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