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PINSTAMP® TMM5400 Dot Peen

The PINSTAMP TMM5400 is a multi-pin dot peen marking system. The marker features 8 independent pins that allow it to make up to 16 characters per second. The extremely compact marking head is also one of the world’s fastest dot peen markers. It achieves this by assigning a solenoid valve to each pin.

Telesis proprietary floating pin technology gives this dot peen marker superior power and speed. Compressed air replaces the need for springs, eliminating costly consumables. The marker can be fully integrated into a production line or used in a bench top fashion.

Control this marker with the fixed-button TMC470 controller or the new touchscreen TMC520 controller.

The Fastest Dot Peen Marker


3.78″ x 0.5″ (96mm x 13mm) marking window

Rugged, low-maintenance rack and pinion driven X/Y platform

Marks a wide range of materials from soft plastics to hardened steel — up to Rc60

Shutter assembly protects marking head from solid contaminants

Available with 2 controllers:
Self-Contained, state-of-the-art TMC470 controller features two serial ports, USB port and Ethernet port

Self-Contained, state-of-the-art TMC600 controller features a durable touchscreen and an intuitive user interface, Merlin Touch software

Dot density up to 200 dots-per-inch (79 dots-per-centimeter)

Choice of interchangeable marking pin types for depths from 0.001″ – 0.018″ (0.03mm – 0.45mm)

Pin travel accommodates surface irregularities to 0.25″ (6mm)

Automatically generates serial numbers, time, date and shift codes

Easily interfaced to PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and Host Computers

Optional Accessories

Rotary fixtures for marking circumferences of cylindrical parts

Marking head mounting post, including programmable Z-axis version

Quick disconnect marking head mounting post for handheld version

Panel-mount and IP/NEMA

Rated Controllers

Powerful Windows based Merlin® III software

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