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PINSTAMP® TMP1700 Dot Peen

This proven industrial workhorse is an industry staple and continues to impress. The rugged, low-maintenance X/Y platform has a compact and contaminant-resistant head design that can mark a wide range of materials from soft plastics to hardened steel (rc60). Interchangeable pin sizes create marking depths of 0.001 in – 0.018 in (0.03 mm – 0.45 mm) and the floating pin technology accommodates surface irregularities up to 0.25 in (6 mm).
Paired with the TMC520 Touchscreen Controller and iZONIT™ Vision Technology, the TMP1700 becomes to most advanced dot peen marker in the industry.

The Proven Industrial Workhorse


Dot Density: Up to 200 dots-per-inch (79 dots-per-centimeter)

Choice of interchangeable marking pins: .001 in – .018 in (0.03 mm – 0.34 mm)

Marking speeds up to six characters per second

Automatically generates serial numbers, time, date, and shift codes

Store up to 400 marking patterns

Easily interfaced to PLCs and host computers

Optional Accessories

Rotary fixtures for marking circumferences of cylindrical parts

Marking head mounting post, including programmable Z-axis

Panel-mount and IP/NEMA rated controllers

Easy and free software upgrades

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