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PINSTAMP® TMP6100 Dot Peen

Great for cylindrical marking where a rotary device can add efficiency and practicality. The TMP6100 is the most versatile PINSTAMP® marker, with durable components that can withstand tough manufacturing environments. Not only can it serve a wide range of marking applications, but it integrates seamlessly into factory automation networks.

Robotic Design for Precise Marks


Dot Density: Up to 200 dots-per-inch (79 dots-per-centimeter)

Choice of interchangeable marking pins: .001 in – .018 in (0.03 mm – 0.34 mm)

Marking speeds up to six characters per second

Automatically generates serial numbers, time, date, and shift codes

Easily interfaced to PLCs and host computers

Optional Accessories

Rotary fixtures for marking circumferences of cylindrical parts

Marking head mounting post, including programmable Z-axis

Panel-mount and IP/NEMA rated controllers

Easy and free software upgrades

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