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Modular design with variable height and depth.

1 to 4 printheads 

- connected to one controller with 10.1” full color touch screen and intuitive graphic interface, that allows operate each printhead independently.

Controller-integrated message editor (UBS Designer)

 - makes it easy to create, edit and send labels to your teams.



UBS APLINK MRX High Resolution Inkjet Printers are developed to print directly on any surface.

Designed and manufactured to print texts, images, logos, symbols and any 100% legible 1D/2D barcodes compatible with GS1 standards (GTIN13, GTIN14, G21-128, GS1 Datamatrix…) for secondary packages, such as corrugated carton cases, cardboard trays and paper bags, etc.

4th generation piezo electric print head allows printing messages up to 72 mm height, of high contrast at resolutions up to 180 x 720 dpi and speed up to 110 m/min.

The innovative temperature and drop volume control technology, ensures a low consumption and a reliable print out and it becomes a great tool for cost-saving on the production line. 

APLINK MRX is easy to install and integrate into any production line. 

UBS message editor (WYSIWYG), UBS Designer Pro and UBS Labman 4.0 provide wide range of customized communication solution with any DDBB known on the market.

Exclusive integrated security system UVLED On Board Security System® (OBSS): prevent the occasional lightening inline. 

PWM, amplitude modulation: Automatic lightening potency regulation according to speed variation. Protect surface from damage. (available only for TJX UV LED). 

Two Working modes: TTL (Synchronized with the print head). Stand alone (configurable lighting time). Air fan cooling system. Electrical consumption.


At United Barcode Systems we manufacture the only complete UV LED curing solution: Lamp + Printer + Ink.

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